About the Chocolate


Chocolatey Clare bars are handcrafted from scratch using ethically sourced ingredients of the highest quality.
The organic, cold-pressed cacao butter and cacao powder are produced from the finest Criollo beans cultivated by a Fairtrade-certified co-op in Peru, and come via Direct Trade to our kitchen in Dublin.

So what’s in the chocolate then?

The ingredients of the chocolate are:
Organic Cacao Butter, Raw Unrefined Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cacao Powder, Organic Coconut Milk Powder, Organic Vanilla Powder.

54% cocoa content

What does it taste like?

To me, the chocolate is somewhere between dark chocolate and milk chocolate; the addition of the coconut milk powder makes it creamier than a dark chocolate, but it has a richness and depth not always found in standard milk chocolate.

Is it good for me?

I don’t make any health claims about the chocolate – I use top-quality, natural ingredients, but it’s not your dinner, it’s a treat!

Having said that, there are some generally acknowledged health benefits associated with cocoa buttercacao powder, and coconut milk powder.

What about the packaging?

The boxes are printed with vegetable-based ink on FSC-certified board, and the printing machines are actually wind-powered! Kudos to Priory Press Packaging for their excellent environmental credentials. Also, as I didn’t want to use any plastic, the inner wrapper for the chocolate is recyclable paper-backed foil.

How big are the bars?

Each bar weighs approximately 40 grammes.

What flavours are there?

Lemon Crunch

Adding a touch of pure lemon oil to the chocolate gives it a velvety feel, and a sprinkling of lemon crunch provides the contrasting texture. This is one of my best-sellers, maybe because “lemon bars” aren’t a usual thing so it has a novelty factor!

Mint Creme

Pure mint oil is added to the chocolate in this case, and a mint creme filling gives it an added refreshing dimension. A firm favourite amongst many.

Strawberry / Raspberry

With these two flavours, I sprinkle organic freeze-dried strawberries or raspberries into the liquid chocolate so that the berries absorb the chocolate as it sets. Every bite is a burst of fruitiness! The raspberry is the least sweet flavour I make, as raspberry has a zingy tartness by nature.

Ginger Crisp

I add pure ginger oil to the chocolate and crisped rice for a very pleasing texture. This one has a bit of a kick and is snapped up by the ginger fans!

Salted Peanut

Chocolate infused with peanuts – this was the first flavour I made, as I love that salty-sweet combination. Still a winner with many customers.