What Are You Looking At?

When I was a teenager in the Seventies and Eighties, it was common for a stranger to yell "What are you looking at?" if they caught you looking in their direction, prompting you to hurriedly turn away, embarrassed.

We are often fascinated by other people and their actions, especially if their behaviour is at odds with our own. And years ago, it was frowned upon to be overly concerned with everyone else's antics. In truth, there are a lot of things that are simply none of our business.

But now the tables have turned completely, and strangers from all over the world are vying for our attention, enticing us to gaze at them and share the tiny details of their lives. "What are you looking at?" has been replaced with "Look at me!".

I really feel that we need to devote more energy to self-care. Take a step back from getting so caught up in other people's business, comparing ourselves to their projected image. Choose to engage with the people (family, friends and strangers) who make us feel better about ourselves, who empower us and enrich our lives. And ditch the ones who make us feel annoyed, useless or miserable about ourselves. The choice is ours, let's make it a positive choice!

Then we can happily answer the question, "What are you looking at?"!



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