About Chocolatey Clare

As a chocolate-loving vegan, I wanted to expand the range of dairy-free options for people who like sweet treats. And so I bring it to you — a range of fabulous flavours for you to savour! But you don’t need to be dairy-free to appreciate this chocolate, it’s a taste sensation whatever your eating habits.
The chocolate is made in a dedicated dairy-free and gluten-free professional kitchen. I use organic and ethically sourced ingredients to ensure the highest standards of food ethics.
Try it, love it ♥
Stay Chocolatey, Clare

Having realised that I just can't do everything by myself, I have recently started to outsource production of my chocolate. I upgraded my recipe and am very pleased with the results! The chocolate is still handcrafted in Ireland in accordance with my ethos, and I now have the scope to promote my chocolate business and bring it to a wider audience. Onwards and upwards!