Social Commitments

Chocolatey Clare Social Commitments

  • We will not use any ingredient or packaging that was produced through exploitation, either of humans or of other animals.
In practice, this means that:
-- There is no slave labour in our supply chain. 
Our cocoa is sourced through a supplier who deals directly with small farmers in Peru and who is involved in a variety of humanitarian, charitable, and environmental projects that benefit and protect local people, wildlife, and their habitat.
-- We do not use cow's milk or any other ingredient obtained from an animal.
-- No monkeys are used as slaves to harvest the coconuts for our organic coconut milk powder.
-- We do not use any nuts that require colonies of bees (often rented out by commercial beekeepers) for pollination. We use peanuts, which are self-pollinated, and hazelnuts, which are pollinated by the wind.
-- We use organic cacao, sugar, and coconut milk powder (the only three ingredients in our chocolate before any "inclusions" are added). This means that no agro chemicals are used, which pollute rivers and streams and poison the local drinking water. Such chemicals have a detrimental effect on local communities, depriving them of clean drinking water and exposing people to chemical-related illnesses.
  • We will not engage with any supplier or retailer who benefits from an oppressive regime.
  • We will not engage with any sales platforms known for poor workers' conditions or tax avoidance.
  • We will pay our suppliers promptly.
  • We will support charities and fundraising events that align with our values.
  • We will promote respect and kindness to all living creatures.
  • We will be authentic and transparent.
  • We will always remain open to improvement.

Our Ethos and Ethics are the cornerstones of our business

Chocolatey Clare is 100% vegan and proud to be an environmentally conscious and socially responsible chocolate maker