Environmental Initiatives

Chocolatey Clare Environmental Initiatives

  • My chocolate does not contain any dairy products, which have a huge carbon footprint.
  • My chocolate does not contain palm oil, which contributes to deforestation and loss of habitat.
  • Our cacao supplier re-invests in rainforest reforestation is is involved in a variety of humanitarian, charitable, and environmental projects that benefit and protect local people, local wildlife, and their habitats.
  • Our online orders are generally delivered in electric vehicles.
  • Our product packaging is 100% plastic-free, fully compostable/recyclable, and manufactured with vegan inks and vegan glue.
  • Our orders are shipped in recycled cardboard boxes void-filled with unbleached paper or water-soluble, compostable filler.
  • Any requested customer gift notes are handwritten on unbleached 100% post-consumer waste card.
  • We do not have printed business cards, preferring to direct people to our website via a scannable QR code.
  • We have installed solar panels on our building and use a green energy supplier.
  • Our electric vehicle is charged using surplus solar power from our roof panels.
  • We installed a heat pump, which is very energy efficient.
  • We wrap-insulated our building to maintain heat.
  • We recycle and compost 99% of our waste and operate a "nil to landfill" policy as far as possible.
  • Our company laptop is a refurbished item bought second-hand, therefore not using new materials in its production.

Our Ethos and Ethics are the cornerstones of our business

Chocolatey Clare is 100% vegan and proud to be an environmentally conscious and socially responsible chocolate maker