A Personal Love Affair With Chocolate

I have always loved chocolate. It has a special place in the childhood memories that I cherish. The kind of memories of something seemingly small that actually means so much. I remember my dad taking me and my two sisters on one of our usual all-weather seaside walks. This particular day was cold and grey with torrential rain requiring us kids to wear our brightly coloured full rain gear. We’d walk in a line behind our dad, like a row of rainbow puddle ducks, copying his array of funny walks. As we splashed along, quietly together in harmony, I put my frozen hands into the front pouch of my soaked rain jacket. I felt something small at the bottom of the pouch, and I realised to my absolute astonishment and joy that it was a square of chocolate that my dad had put there for me. My heart filled with love, and as I put the chocolate into my mouth the rain poured down my face and I was boundlessly happy.


It’s funny how the gift of chocolate punctuates my memories with feelings of immense gratitude. When I was seven years old, I spent two months in hospital. I was a very contemplative child and this felt to me like an eternity, so much so that I came to the conclusion that this was where I was going to have to live forever and I might as well get used to it. There were very few visitors, but on one occasion my great uncle arrived with a small box of chocolates. Entirely for me. I couldn’t believe it. I remember the amazement as I stared at the unopened box. As a self-effacing child, it was extraordinary to me that someone would give me such a fabulous gift, and receiving it elevated my self-worth in my eyes.

Chocolate represents a special joy that deserves to be savoured and treasured, both as the giver and as the receiver. And that is why I wanted to make exceptional chocolate that conveys all the love, esteem, appreciation, comfort and elation that it has always meant personally to me.

Let's share the love, we have plenty.


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What wonderful memories except for being in hospital for 2 months!! Best of luck with the new site loving it so far, just like your chocolate 😍

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